Planet Humana tackles critical needs in hard-hit communities worldwide.


    High-impact, tax deductible international projects

  • We've combined decades of high level business and entrepreneurship with expert global humanitarian crises work, to offer a more effective approach to philanthropy: Direct Impact Giving.


    how we work

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    "Golden ratio” grassroots projects. We focus on low-cost/large impact ratios: our projects address needs that generally fall through the cracks of large aid organisations.


    "Boots on the ground." We physically verify projects ourselves (including in active conflict zones), and establish "bonds-of-trust" with those doing critical work.

  • why partner us with us?

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    We simplify international funding. All projects, regardless of location, are fully tax deductible.


    We keep costs low. We outsource most administration and keep our donor circle tight.


    You're a partner, not a donation. That tight donor circle means our donors are involved in projects to an extent mutually agreed.

  • on donorship

    Founding co-donor Rich Lang chat's with CEO Gordon Weiss on donor inspiration.


    We went to Ukraine this May-June to meet grassroots organisations and to see their work. Some provide physical and psychological care to frontline troops and civilians. Other more discreet groups we've decided to support provide succour in the frontline city of Kharkiv and the embattled town of Chasiv Yar, which are under daily attack. The short film above is of the funeral of one young soldier.

    how we started

    Gordon Weiss on the origin of Planet Humana.

    first projects

    Our first projects since September 2023.

  • about us

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    Gordon Weiss: CEO and founder

    Gordon served the United Nations, the OSCE, and various governments for almost three decades of work focused on multi-faceted peacekeeping, political, and humanitarian crises in some of the world’s most fragile and conflict-ridden zones. He was boots-on-the-ground in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, including first response operations. He authored the critically lauded book The Cage: The Fight for Sri Lanka and the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers, and co-founded the war crimes investigative body The International Crimes Evidence Project. He is a proponent of the "direct giving" ethos, returning power to people to make the best decisions about their own lives and destinies.

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    Dave and Rich Lang: principal donors and founders

    Brothers Dave and Rich Lang are from Rhode Island, USA. From their late teens they were focused on entrepreneurship and business. Over many years they grew a health products company doing business around the world, and as a leading partner to retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, Target, Sam’s and CVS. Both have been involved in giving and philanthropy throughout their lives. During a hiatus from business, Rich traveled every corner of the globe for several years and envisioned the concept of Planet Humana: connecting people with resources to help people in need around the world. After selling their company, the brothers wanted to focus on doing good in the world. Partnering with their longtime friend, Gordon Weiss, Planet Humana was finally born. Rich and Dave plan to use their pioneering and business skills to ensure that Planet Humana is operated effectively and with integrity, and to make every dollar count at the project level. They hope that donors and supporters feel welcomed into a unique experience of helping others and making a difference.

    our advisors

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    Eugenia Mazurenko: Ukraine and philanthropy advisor

    Eugenia is a scholar, businesswoman, speaker, graduate of CUNY and Aspen Fellow who led and built Ukraine's largest private family foundation. Her 14 years of sector experience led to the founding in 2023 of Philanthropy in Ukraine (PHILINUA), a platform dedicated to mapping and channeling funds to grassroots organisations throughout Ukraine's citizen-led ecosystem. Her expertise lies in NGO strategic development and socially responsible businesses. Following Russia's invasion of her country, and the devastation of her family's home in Bucha, and two years of dedicated support to Ukraine's all-of-society resistance through NGO activism, she temporarily relocated back to New York to provide better care for her young child, and to pursue professional philanthropic opportunities.

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    Andy Brooks: Africa and protection advisor

    Born in Burundi and schooled in Kenya, Andy Brooks is currently the Representative for the United Nations children's organisation UNICEF in Liberia. A literature graduate of Cambridge University, he earned his gritty social work spurs with the Nottingham County Council before moving on to more than two decades of work with the United Nations. A hands-on practitioner, he is one of UNICEF's most seasoned child protection experts, and has occupied a range of leadership positions within the organisation, most predominantly in Africa. He and Gordon worked closely together during the war in Sri Lanka, and have collaborated frequently since.

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